Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Layout Number 4 Selected & What's That!!

I selected the fourth layout of the Breast Cancer quilts with your input via emails, thanks! We went with option 4. Here you can see what it will look with the actual blocks. Although, I did not get a chance to sew them together this past weekend I did get the blocks sorted in the anticipated layout. Took a break to do some overdue cleaning.

What's That!!!

DH and I were taking a break from the hustle and fast pace day on our back porch last evening as we do many nights. My two little yorkies were content as usual to run between the covered porch and the shed area close to the porch.

Something caught my eye that looked odd. Here is what I saw... The Start=the tail and the Finishes = the head somewhere intertwined in the bush already. Can you say OMG!!??...

I live in an area of central pa that has a lot of houses, a small area of woods by us but I wouldn't consider it the country. I know snakes are everywhere. But do I have to see them!!! In the 12 years I've been at our house, this is the first snake we have ever seen. Did it have to be soo big.

We grabbed the dogs and headed inside quickly. Where is the snake now??.... only the snake knows...

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