Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finding the Lint Monster

As I was sewing last night on the Fall Quilt blocks, I thought I noticed that the fabric was slipping and sticking under the presser foot. That might be causing my problems. Today at lunch, I was able to test this theory out on a longer piece of fabric. Sure enough, the fabric was slipping and stitching in place in some places and not being passed evenly under the presser foot. I noticed this slightly before when working on the Breast Cancer quilt but not as much since I was using the walking foot and the thicker quilt sandwich.

Ok, something's wrong. I called the local repair shop and asked if I needed an appt to bring in the machine. Nope, good I'll take it after work. I looked through the clear door to the bobbin which I cleaned regularly and it all looked clean. I opened the side where I knew the mechanics were and all looked clean still.

Then after these years, I noticed the bolt on the plate under the presser foot. Figured what the heck, I'm already planning on taking to the service center. Opened it up and thought, hey they have padding all around the bobbin case, neat...

Looked closer and OMG, that's lint! The feed dogs are suffocating in all that lint!! I got out some trusty tweezers, eye brow brushes (who knew cosmetic equipment would be so handy) and got to work.
Once it was all closed back up and I tested sewing the same fabric, It was amazing!! It went zipping under those feed dogs and sounded beautiful.

Moral of my story... the instructions were located on page 57 of the instructional book. Read the manual Trish, it's in the book!! That will be a $200 savings that can be spent on more fabric :-)

P.s. How linty is your machine?

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