Monday, September 21, 2009

Overanalyzing Quilting

This weekend I was able to finish a photo quilt project I had. It was actually a redo. I took off appliqued photos and replaced them with sewn in photos since the recipient was not a fan of seeing the sewing around the photos. OK, I'm a people pleaser, I know it...

Then I finished cutting out all the Moda Gobble Gobble blocks for my fall scrappy quilt. Even though this is supposed to be an exercise in free expression and mixing colors and patterns, I found my self reverting back to trying to plan out the quilt. Just look at this photo. I started to sort by background colors, then counted in each, divided by the number of blocks per row and then tried to distribute them evenly. The tablet ending up looking like a football diagram. I'm exhausted just trying to plan out the random colors... enough...this is supposed to be relaxing :-)

Then I thought, I have some free time tonight. Hubby's being the big kid he is and playing PlayStation games and I'm going to try and sew up some of these blocks. OK, the planning went out the window and I'm just grabbing blocks now. All done with the row and I look back to see many waves in the blocks... what's up with that. This should be a simple straight stitch between blocks. Then, when the blocks look just right and I sew them together, how can the longer end overhang more than the shorter end? OK, I give up, enough....time for some mind numbing TV!!

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