Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Waiting Game

There are several categories to the waiting game. I experienced 5 rounds over the past couple of days. There's "Why did I ever wait for this", "Hurry up and wait", "I'll just wait until..(AKA Procrastination wait), "Worth the wait", and finally "Can't wait".

Why did I ever wait for this?

As I was quilting the Breast Cancer Quilts I again tried my "walking foot" for my sewing machine. I have never been successful in using it. Turns out, I had the wrong one. The one I had was for the sewing machine I gave to my sister. No wonder it wouldn't work. So, I ordered one and I just waited for it's arrival. It arrived yesterday and I didn't wait a minute to try.

OK, I almost gave up because it didn't come with instructions on how to use. I knew how to add it to my sewing machine, but, each time I tried to sew, the sewing machine locked up. At least I kept trying until I finally figured out the lever thing goes above the shank bolt. One I figured that out, I quilted my 3rd breast cancer quilt using stitch in the ditch. OMGoodness, why did I ever wait so long. It was sooooo much easier to push the quilt sandwich through!! Worth the wait!!!

Hurry up and wait

It seems with our butterfly hobby, the caterpillars are in a hurry to get to the chrysalises. Eat, eat, eat and then cocoon. We feed them in a hurry just to get them to the chrysalis stage and then comes the waiting game for us. We wait and wait patiently to try and catch them emerging. We just don't seem to catch them coming out. Thursday morning, we were greeted by both of these guys. It was so nice to see both of them. We will be releasing sometime today. I hung their netting by the window and they just love the sunshine to dry their wings.

I'll just wait until... and worth the wait

This waiting game seems to be one of my favorite. Last weekend when I was going to start on the binding for the quilts, I just didn't want to create about 40 yards of binding. I'm in the home stretch and I wanted something faster. So, I decided I would just wait until I found some premade binding that I would not have to iron. Luckily, I found some dark pink moda binding. This is the first time I purchased premade binding. It came on Thursday and it was Oh, so worth the wait. It is crisp and even and matches beautifully.

Can't wait

This one happens a lot. I can't wait until I can use both my new walking foot and the new Moda premade binding to see how much easier it's going to be! I can't wait until the four chrysalis that accidentally dropped from their hanging position start to show signs of emerging. I can't wait until my nephew and sister arrive today for a long weekend visit. I can't wait until my DH has his ENT appt for something we are waiting to learn. I can't wait until I can sit back an smile at the completion of all four breast cancer quilts. I can't wait.....

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