Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tumbler Pillow from Leftover blocks

Since I thought that my recent second tumbler quilt was way to long for me, I removed 3 rows from the length of the quilt as referenced in my blog entry below. I was not sure how I was going to create my pillow this time since the only way I have been completing pillows is with the flap on the back.

When I measured the height of the 3 rows, it just measured 18 inches. That was it, I was going to make a pillowcase for an 18" pillow form. 18" wide of the blocks measured 4 blocks. However, I wanted to complete a full front and back from the blocks.

Here's the end result. Both front and back. It is so soft since it is flannel material as well.

In order to do the mirrored front and back, I had to brave my first zipper. I placed some extra brown fabric around the zipper and attached it. Turned out not as bad as I thought. However, the one issue was that I only had an antique blue zipper that met the 18" long.

Impatiently, I figured the pillow was for me and I didn't care if the zipper was blue so I moved forward. The length was a perfect fit. I might be revisiting this method again real soon. It the antique sewing box I have it also had a 7, 12, 14, and 16" zippers so there's several experiments in my future.

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