Monday, November 9, 2009

In an instant, it all changes

In an instant, everything changes. The "couldn't wait" waiting game you played waiting for results has gone into overtime and the results are in. It was a wild card, who would have thought. The importance of the day has changed and crafting is not the top priority anymore. However, it's not forgotten.

Planning appointments is the name of the game now. Emotional support is the thread that will keep each day moving until treatments can be a thing of the past. So, it will be less frequently that I will update the blog with crafting. However, I won't be gone completely, just tending to those things more important.

The photos on the top of the posting were for Pillowcases I was practicing to begin making. They would be sent to ConKerr Cancer to be distributed to kids with Cancer. I'll try and continue if we stay in the area for treatment, but, hopefully hubby will be willing to pack up the bags and go to where the docs are the best for him.

Thanks for stopping by!