Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Colored Pillowcases

I was looking at my stash and my eyes zoned in on this fabric I bought at Walmart when they were closing out their craft areas.  I bought so much in many colors of this pattern that was on clearance.  I decided I'm going to start using the stash for pillowcases.  So, I picked out 3 colors that reminded me of what I thought was the ocean since I'm tired of winter.  Here, it turns out that I think I picked them because they are also the color scheme used in the Olympics we've been watching each night.  So, I now have 12 Pillowcases cut from the fabric color combinations ready for assembly.

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  1. I love the Olympic logo! It should be an easy quilt pattern and I am going to have a look see if I can make one.
    so bright.
    I'm watching and sewing and watching and sewing. I'm busy with it all..