Friday, March 12, 2010

Pretty up Blogger

Yes, I have been playing around with my blogger design.  It's only because Blogger has a new Template Designer in draft that they are testing out.  It's pretty neat.  It's one of those, "hey, what would happen if I push this button" type of designer.  However, I do caution you that if you do start playing around, that you first make a back-up copy of your current template if you ever want to come back.  I made the mistake of not doing that, so I had a really a hard time coming back to the original layout.  I still haven't figured out how to recenter my logo.   I placed my quick instructions to back up your original template and how to restore it below.

Instead of rewriting the highlights of the draft changes made to Blogger, I'll point you to the article that I found.  Here's the link to the Article which also has the link to the new Blogger in Draft  Please note, you'll need to use the Draft Blogger link everytime you want to make changes to your layout.  It's in the second paragragh entitled "Blogger in Draft"  You'll want to bookmark this until they implement it full time.   My favorite hidden item on this is that you can change the background images on your blog and they have tons to choose from. 

To make a back up copy
  1. Access your layout tab
  2. Edit HTML Option
  3. Click on download Full Template
  4. Save to where you can find it later.
To replace your saved original template
  1. Access your layout tab
  2. Edit HTML Option
  3. Click on Upload button
  4. Find your originally saved template and put it back.

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