Friday, December 3, 2010

Transformation Time

Just a slight amount of time away from blogging.  When you are sick, blogging just doesn't seem that important.  However, I'm OK with being sick.  Neither DH nor I have been sick with a cold/flu in over 1.5 years.  We prayed constantly over last year when he was having chemo/radiation that neither of us would get sick since his immune system was so low.  He is just now getting his immune system back to normal.  He was the first with this cold and did very well fighting it off. Then, he kindly passed it to me.  Again, I don't mind since I have time to take care of us.  We are so thankful for everyday!

Hopefully soon, I'll be back to crafting.  I need to transform these clothing items into a color squares quilt.  Once I get cutting, I'll be good.  Just not up for it yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Now back to the couch and the lazy dogs.

P.s  I am so far behind on my blog reading too.  I miss all those crafty things all my blog friends are up to!
Thanks for stopping by!  

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