Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trish's Tools - Sidewinder Now Deluxe too

A friend of mine was kind enough to send me her bobbin thread spools that she was not going to use.  I just recently finished using the two regular size spools and all I had left were the cones of bobbin thread.  I really like this bobbin thread.  It just seems stronger to me.  Since I had to use the cones, of course they did not fit on my regular Sidewinder bobbin winder.

I have been thinking of getting one of the "Deluxe" sidewinder bobbin winders.  But, could not bring myself to pay for another sidewinder.  Today, it just dawned on me that I have a cone holder that I just started using with my sewing machine.  I finally realized I should use it with my sidewinder too and it worked like a dream.  Now I can wind bobbins using the cones of thread I have.  I'm pretty excited about that. It's always great to save some money!!
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