Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great News Received

Things have been slow on my blog for about the last couple weeks as we went through some issues related to my DH health.  After being advised that his last scan showed multiple areas of uptake, we were prepared by the doctors for the worst.  All signs were pointing to a return of the cancer and that it had probably spread. We are both usually pretty optimistic about things.  However,we both spent that first week in a low place but kept working to keep the faith.

After the first week, we return to ourselves and thought we'll deal with anything that comes our way.  Heck, we've already been through a late stage fight and came out winners, we can do it again.  Cut to many weeks later and after several meetings and a surgical procedure.  We finally have the results.  The initial thoughts and scan results were wrong!!  It was not a new area of cancer.  It must have been some type of infection from a cold that caused the uptake areas.   Amen and Thank You God! So, my lesson to learn is to have more faith.  Thank you all for the great notes and emails I received. 
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