Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not So Fast

I waited patiently after placing my order with Keepsake Quilting to finally replace my Misty Fuse that I misplaced.  But, Not So Fast..... I received an email a couple days later that said there was a problem with the CC used.  I tried to use one of those visa gift cards that I received and there was not enough left on the card to cover the charge.  Guess I need to wait a little while longer to receive it.  So, I finally got around to resending another order today to try a 3rd time to replace the Misty Fuse.  I know once I receive it, I'll probably set it aside while I'm working on other things.

This afternoon I was about to kick back on the couch to watch a little TV when I realized Not so Fast....  A head popped out of the blankets strewn on the couch. Our smaller Yorkie loves to hide in things and stay covered up.  How cute she was!!
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