Monday, April 4, 2011

Question for String Quilters

I'm probably 20 blocks into my 80 block string quilt.  It's moving right along but then I hit a roadblock with a question.  I saw on another blog (for the life of me I didn't bookmark it) that they were creating string quilt blocks on muslin.  I am making mine on paper squares and then removing the paper.  Basically like paper piecing the string quilt.  I could always fuse muslin on the blocks I've completed but not sure it's worth the effort. 

My question is this... how do you complete your string quilts?  Sewing on paper or sewing on muslin?  Thanks for your input!
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  1. Hey Trish,
    I have made a couple of string quilts and have done them on very thin muslin. They do vert well
    and not heavy at all.

  2. Hi Trish~ I do the blocks on cheap muslin. :-) Wash it first because it shrinks, but then its a nice foundation and no having to pull papers out. And you don't even really notice its there its so thin. lol

  3. Thanks so much! I'm thinking now the muslin would be better because they would be a little more stable than without any backing. The paper removal is going very fast since I fold back ever piece and then it rips off pretty quick. I'm just wondering once I start working with them if I'll need to be careful about stretching. I'll try and test it out.

  4. Hi - I , too - use a thin muslin, or occasionally, a very old and worn sheet, purchased at Goodwill - the more worn the better.

    It does make the quilt a bit heavier, but in truth, I love that - it is a wonderful snuggle quilt because of the little bit of extra weight.. not too much, just enough.

  5. I use muslin or batiste which is even thinner. I hate taking all that time to tear paper off!

  6. Don't worry about the paper foundation. I did two large string quilts on telephone book paper. I actually trimmed the block (mine were rectangular) and left the paper in. Sewed all the rows and columns THEN took out the paper all at once. That kept anything from shifting and hubby helped..I think that was the first time he ever helped with my quilting! I think if I ever do a string quilt on muslin, I might make it a summer quilt with no added batting...I think that would be a good weight for cool summer nights.