Monday, October 24, 2011

Goldilocks and the 3 Bolts

OK, Goldilocks is real stretch.  I'm more like brunettelocks with a little grey but that title wouldn't work.  I'm still working towards putting my pink hunter's star on the HQ16 to quilt.  But, I decided to update my quilt machine "quickly" before I start mounting the quilt on the frame. 

Previously on my HQ16 I had a set of manual micro handles.  They worked well and served their purpose.   I went on a search for a pair of used HandiQuilter microhandles so I could control the machine closer to the stitching with rulers.   Luckily, I found a pair at a great price.  I figured I'd quickly disassemble the front handle setup, slip in the motorized microhandles and then start loading the quilt.  Nope, the 3 bolts that hold the assembly together were not long enough to hold all the pieces together.  When I purchased these used, I knew this might be an issue.

Original Handles

I called HandiQuilter and they advised the size of 3 bolts I would need and the local hardware store probably had them.  I went to the local Ace hardware...didn't have the 60mm screws, had 55mm though and I bought them.  Came home, added them and too short and they didn't countersink so they were really too short.  OK, searched online and saw sears had bolts that looked like the ones I needed... got to store and they didn't carry bolts. ???  OK, off to Lowes...   Again, had the right size but didn't have the allen wrench type heads that would countersink into the holes.  Without the countersink of the screws, it doesn't compress everything together tightly.  So, I resorted to the last try ...   I found some there and ordered them, I'll just need to be patient and wait for my third set of 3 bolts.

New Motorized Handles with the wrong size and type bolts.  Can't really use it yet until I get the right sized bolts that holds everything together with compression tightness,
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