Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh Baby Great Sale Price and Bolts are Here

I was surfing Amazon (I love this site) this morning and saw a great deal on the Baby Go cutter.  It was listed as $80.77 and had free shipping available if you were a prime member of Amazon.  I thought I would post the link in case anyone else was on the fence about buying one of these.  Here's the link: AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter  Hope the sale price lasts for a while!

Also, my bolts for my Quilt Machine came yesterday!  Now, I can put the microhandles on  and start testing them.  I want to make sure our power stays on before I start messing with any electrical appliances though.  I'm just anxious to get them on the machine so I can load the Hunter's Star quilt finally!  Hope you have a great Sunday!
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  1. I stood in line last year at JoAnn's for a Go cutter and love it! I surf amazon for the die's!