Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crafters can be so Crafty

It's that time, time to put up the Christmas decorations.  First up is the Christmas tree.  Yep, I'm an artificial tree person.  So, when we pulled the tree out of storage we found the stand but did not find the bolts that keep the stand open and compress against the tree to keep it standing straight.   Great...  We looked for about 40 minutes and could not find them.  Ugh...   Then, a light bulb went off.  I just bought a couple longer bolts to replace my handiquilter bolts.

I ran downstairs to the quilting area, located the bolts that I replaced and brought them upstairs.  Of course I heard, "those won't work".  But, they were a perfect fit and worked! 

Yeah!  Crafters can be so crafty!  We were able to put up the tree and finish decorating.  Of course, I can't get a good photo of the tree but I love this time of the year.  You wake up early and all I turn on are the lights on the Christmas Tree.

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