Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Intentions

I did all the shopping, I thought out the design, I made the list and bought the supplies.  I bought the ribbon and extras and such.... I even bought the Christmas AccuQuilt die to cut out a tree and add to the front of the card.....then, I ended up buying a box of cards and mailed them out.  I really wanted to create my own Christmas Cards this year but just ran out of time.  But, at least I am sending some out this year.  I only sent out about 20 cards.  I feel so uncrafty for buying my cards.  At least I did put stickers on my envelopes, does that count for being crafty?

How did you do with Christmas Cards this year?  Did you make or buy?

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  1. i've been grinchy since i've been alone ... i email cards with notes. i make 'cards' with seasonal icons or pictures change to colored letters and have at it.