Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

There's been a little bit of a delay in returning to crafting for me.  I'll be back shortly.  We find ourselves in the same place just about one year later with DH.  Tomorrow is another procedure to make sure the "glow" on his recent test is not something new to worry about.  We are keeping our fingers crossed and our prayers loud.  Of course, the results will be a couple weeks away.   So, I'll try and keep busy in the next week or two by getting back into crafting. 

Of course I need a photo to go along with the blog so here's some photos of our pooches.  The little one, loves burrowing in the blankets, only to pop out every once in a while like a ground hog.  I caught her recently.  I may have posted this photo before.  The other photo is Moo our larger of the two yorkies.  She's most content laying cradled in Dad's legs.  She sleeps so tough there that her tongue starts falling out.  LOL... enjoy.  P.s.  That's their favorite "blanky" that needs to stay on the couch.

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