Thursday, February 2, 2012

Out Walking

With the beautiful January weather we have been having in the Central PA area, it's given us a chance to get the dogs out for a walk.  This means that Miss Mandy was able to walk using her new harness.  She did fantastic with it.  However, she is not a big fan of the Velcro ripping sound under her belly. She is getting better but not her favorite sound.   Also, I was nervous about the Velcro letting go.  I'm sure that would not happen with such a little dog but you never know.  I snapped a quick photo of them with the cell phone (bad photo) and you can somewhat see the difference in the harnesses. 
I think I may reverse the coat and have the Velcro on the top side like her sister's coat.  This would mean I need to add straps to the side of the coat coming up to the top like her sisters to be able to snap on to.  So, back to the drawing board.  Everyone loved the harness.

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