Saturday, April 7, 2012

Padded Phone Pouch

I had a great visit with family.  It's always great to be home as well.  I had a new phone waiting for me when I returned.  I love technology almost as much as crafts.  With phones being as expensive as they are these days, I wanted to have a quick fabric pouch to put my phone in my purse when not in use.  I didn't want to purchase a bulky case.  So, I set out to create my own pouch.  The phone I got was the Droid Maxx which is pretty big.  It makes it easier on the aging eyes to see it.  I'm in my mid 40s and my vision is changing so much..

 So, how I created the pattern was to trace the outside of the phone.  I added 3/4" to all sides of my tracing.  To the top of this tracing, I traced 3/4 length of the phone which will become the fold over flap.  So in actuality, the length of my pattern is 1 and 3/4" lengths of my phone and the width is increased by 3/4" on all sides.  Hope that makes sense.  One addition thing I decided at the last minute was to make the flap area 1/4" smaller on sides.  This will make it easier to tuck under the strap.  You can see that on the photo below.  Then I created one more patten just the size of my phone plus 3/4" on all sides.  This will be the front of the pouch.  So I ended up with two pattern pieces.  One long one that included the fold over flap area and one piece for the front of the pouch.,

I cut a piece of batting, a front fabric, and a lining fabric for each pattern piece.  I place the batting on the bottom and then placed the fabrics right sides together on top of the batting.  I sewed a 1/4" seam all around the 3 sides of the fabrics/batting and left the bottom open.  I also made a quick band of fabric from a tri-folded piece of fabric.  I sewed the edges to secure the strip.  You'll see it in a later photo what the finished strip looks like.

I turned the sewn pieces right sides out.  This caused the batting to be sandwiched between the fabric with right sides out.  Now I simply layered the long piece with outer fabric face up.  I place the strap piece about 1/2 way down on the piece.  Then I top it with the smaller square unit with the outer fabric face down.  In this case, the red is my outer fabric and the black is my liner.

Now sew the bottom 3 sides.  Snip off the excess strap on the sides.  It will be a little difficult sewing this together and tough turning it with all the batting in the seams.  But I wanted it there to protect the sides of my phone.  By sewing the bottom, you close all those openings that you used to turn the pieces.  When I flip it right side out, the flap folds over and tucks under the strap for closure.
I love it!  It's just what I was looking for in a quick cover.  Otherwise, the phone will be on my desk or person.  I'm sure I won't be able to pull the phone out of the pouch quick enough to answer the call but it's more to transport the phone safely.  I also may just create another one and add a strap to the back to be able to carry it by itself in the case when I am on break.  If I do that, I might also add a snap to the closure.  If you need any help creating your own pattern, let me know!
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