Saturday, April 14, 2012

Second Phone Case - So Many Lesson's Learned.

I know that I can always buy a pattern and follow the experts in creating a cell phone bag for my new phone, but I'm stubborn.  This is something I am determined to complete.  The improvements I wanted over my first try at the phone case were that I wanted a hook mechanism to hang the phone on a lanyard or wrist strap and I wanted a pocket to carry some change for when I am on break.

So, please join me in laughing with me about how many times I tried to create this second phone bag.  I really did laugh each time.  I kept hearing the guy from the big bang theory constantly saying this is illogical.  It can't be this hard.

  • I cut the fabric according to my pattern.  I cut two extra pieces.  One of the large piece which I folded to create the pocket.   Also, one more folded fabric strap only smaller to hold the link.
  • I layered them as follows, batting, liner large piece right side up, flap strap, hook strap, pocket aligned with the flap strap and then the outer fabric right side down.
  • I sewed a 1/4 seam around the outer perimeter then sewed a second time to secure the straps tighter.
  • I flipped it right sides out an saw that the hook strap was inside out, the flap strap was inside the pocket and on the wrong side.  It was all discombobulated.

 It can't be this hard.  So I pulled out the seam ripper and removed the layers and tried again.  This time I had the hook strap correct, I knew this.  I re-layered the pocket and flap strap on the liner and covered with the outer fabric right side down.  I resewed everything and of course, redid the double stitching around the straps.  I turned it right side out and now I had
  • The hook strap was correct - Yeah!
  • The flap strap was outside the pocket - Yeah!
  • We were good to add the front of the case.  '
  • I placed right sides together and sewed around all three sides.
  • I turned it right sides out and ended up with the hook strap on the inside again - Ugh!
  • I ended up with the flap strap on the inside of the pocket again - Ugh! 
  • I almost gave up.


Now I know that I need to lower the small portion of the phone back to not cover the hook strap.  This way, it will stay in the right direction.  So, I again seam rip the front from the back of the phone bag.  I spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to position the pocket and strap to have them come out right.  I think I have it right and I sew the pieces together a 3rd time.  SOB..when I flipped them right sides out, again, the strap was under the pocket.  I give up.  I walked away and did something else.  Then it hit me, just flip the pocket to the back side of the bag.  This allowed me to get the flap strap visible and useful!  Finally.  Here's the final outcome:

Front side with flap strap

Back side with barely visible pocket

Believe it or not, I'm going to try this whole process one more time.  The phone fits, but, it's a little tight.  So, I want to make it bigger!  Let's hope it's not as difficult as this one!  Hopefully I have learned my lessons!

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