Saturday, June 9, 2012

Slicing It

Recently, making memories had a warehouse sale on their site.  I have a slice machine that didn't get much use because I didn't want to spend the money for the various cartridges. I had a few Christmas cartridges. Well, their cartridges were (and still are) listed for $9 and $10.  They must be phasing the slice out.  It's an adorable little die cutter machine.  I use it more for cards and for cutting wax paper for fabric appliques.

One of the many items I picked up in addition to numerous cards was a slice bag to place the cutter into. I always thought they were cute but again, wasn't going to pay $60 for one.  So glad I picked one up for $7.  It is adorable.  I'm contemplating picking up another just to store all the accessories too.  It's too cute!  But rather large.  If you have a slice stop by the making memories online shop and see the fantastic prices they still have as of this posting.

Too bad their slice machines are not at a great price as well.  They are still higher priced machines on their site.

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