Sunday, March 3, 2013

Frozen Coke Anyone?

Just imagine it, you are all nestled in your bed deep in a sleep.  Something very loud awakens you.  Let me tell you, that is a scary feeling.  Disoriented and confused you don't know what you just heard.  Of course hubby is sound asleep and the dogs didn't move either.  Am I hearing things??  Nah, I heard a LOUD something.  I'm going out to see. 

Walk into the kitchen to see the fridge door open????  What's all over the floor?  Looks like glass, maybe something fell out and shattered.  Come around the other side and peek in the fridge.  What the heck??  Remind you it's about 12:30am so a little groggy.  What the heck is that??  It's everywhere.  Finally, way in the back of the fridge I find the remnants of what used to be a Diet Coke bottle. 

Our fridge has been acting up the last couple of days and freezing things sometimes even though it has been set low.  It turns out that the bottle of Diet Coke must have frozen and then exploded in the fridge.  Exploded with such force that it shattered the bottle and top cap, forced opened the fridge door and redecorated our fridge with frozen coke!

Mangled Diet Coke Bottle

Large amounts of frozen coke on the front door

Look where the label and frozen coke also landed.  It was everywhere.
Let's just say cleaning a fridge at 12:30 am is not fun! However, the blessing is that no one or nothing was hurt and it happened on a weekend.  Moral of the story.. keep an eye on what travels to the back of your fridge and watch out for those exploding frozen cokes!  I should have taken more photos but at least I took a few.

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  1. A similar thing happened to me back in the 70s. I was soaking in the tub and heard a bang. When I peeked out the bathroom door I could see that there was light coming from the kitchen. I discovered the fridge door open. A gallon glass bottle of apple cider had fermented and exploded. There was cider on the kitchen ceiling, all over the walls and floor. What a mess!

  2. You get an atta girl in my book!!! I would have poked hubby extra hard and said did you hear that?