Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quick Kitchen Towels

I had purchased these towels over about a year ago.  As soon as I received them, I did not like them at all.  I purchased them thinking I could embroider something on the white band.  But, the contrast was too stark for me.  So, into storage they went.  Lately I've been trying to use what I have.  Then, I came across some fabrics that matched the towels. So, here's how I am able to disguise the part I did not like and now use them as kitchen towels.

I wanted to cover both sides so I cut out rectangles of fabric at least 1 in wider and 2" longer than the block I wanted to cover.  Then I used the Clover fabric folding pen to place a 1/2" fold on all the sides.  I placed one piece on the first side and wrapped the ends around the towel to the other side. 

There was probably a 1/2" wrap on each side.  I secured with pins and/or tape.  Then I flipped over the towel and repeated the process.  This time, I folded the ends under without wrapping on the sides at the towels edge.  It made a clean end for the towel.

From here, I just simply ran sewing lines every 1/4 inch.  It made it a little stiff, but I'm hoping that it will soften up in the wash.  My intention was to complete one towel as an everyday towel and one as a Christmas towel.  I was not paying attention and ended up putting one of each on the first towel.  One side is Christmas themed and the other is everyday.  I decided to leave it that way since now I can use it everyday!  I completed a second one in no time. 

Now I just have to search for some more stash fabric to use on the rest. 

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