Sunday, June 11, 2017

Unpacking still in progress a year later

The more I unpack for our newer to us home, the more I have come to realize that I have accumulated too many craft items over the years.  As you can imagine, unpacking has been slow since we both are working.  I saw this image on the web and immediately thought of my situation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very blessed and happy with my current storage areas.  I've been busy organizing and shaking my head at how much fabric and papercraft items I have accumulated.  I finally assemble my embroidery machine this weekend.  I am ready to at least start sewing simple items and starting to downsize what I've accumulated over the years.

 I'll try and post photos of the craft areas.  The room downstairs has the oddest paint colors, but I'm OK with leaving it for now.  I did splurge and buy some matching cabinets to try and store all the fabric and craft items.

Stay tuned for photos..  Do you feel you have too many craft items.  What is your preference, papercrafts or fabrics?

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