Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Tree Quilt - Decorations Completed

After a couple of days not working on the Christmas Tree Quilt and working on other things, I've finally finished the decorations on the Christmas Tree Quilt. Previously, I received a comment from Linda (Thanks Linda, great suggestion!!) suggesting that I skip the ornaments and maybe just use the silver and place bows on the tree. You know, I loved the ornaments but just could not bring myself to place them on the quilt.

Yesterday, I free hand tied silver bows. I adhered them to the quilt with 3 swipes of thread around the knot portion of the bow. I really like how it turned out. Now, if I could get myself to stop thinking about placing appliqued presents under the tree, then I can say I am completed. But, we'll see... I really think presents under the tree would "finish" the quilt and make it unique. Here are photos of the bows that were sewn on.

And a closeup photo....

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