Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas Tree Quilt - Backing Added

Quick Quilt Backing Added

As previously mentioned, when I'm making wall hangings, sometimes I finish them the fastest way I can because I am usually under the pressure to finish it and hang it before the holiday is here and gone. My goal is to completely finish this Christmas Tree wall hanging by the end of the month. For the first time, I think I'm ahead of schedule... yippee!

So, my favorite backing to use for wall hangings is the (OK quilt police, look away) already quilted backing. No worry about quilt sandwiches, pinning, etc. Then, even easier is the inside out method. I can have the quilt backed very fast.
  1. I start with the quilt backing cut a little bit larger than my wall hanging and place it on pinning surface right side up.

  2. Add the squared-up quilt top on top of the quilt backing right sides facing together

  3. Pin just around the edges one you have the two pieces nice and flat. I pin in about 1/2 inch since I'll be sewing a 1/4 inch around.

  4. Determine where you are going to leave the opening to turn the quilt right side out. I usually leave about 5" open. It should be big enough to reach your hand into. But, it depends on the size of the wall hanging. I usually double stitch next to the opening because as you are turning it right side out, there's a lot of pressure here.

  5. After your 1/4 inch seam is sewn, trim the backing to match the quilt edge before turning.

  6. Once 1/4" seam is completed, reach your hand inside the two layers through the opening you have. Reach until you have one of the top corners and pull it through the opening to make the quilt top right sides out. You'll need something to poke (great quilting term) the corners out to make them nice and crisp.

  7. Don't do this next step until you are happy with the turn out and corners and how the quilt is laying. I usually fold in the opening area under to match the sewn seam and iron them until they stay in this format. Then I place a scrap piece of fusible webbing between the two sides and press it closed. If time, sew it shut.

  8. Now, quilt as desired and you're done. I usually go around the outside a 1/4 of an inch to make a fake binding. Or, I've even added binding at this point. Depends on how fast you want to finish it.

Tomorrow, Christmas Tree decorations!

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