Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh So Easy Mason Jar Pincushions

Ok, for someone that loves sewing and crafting, you'll be surprised to hear that I do not own a pincushion with the my sewing machine. I usually just put a box of pins on the corner of my machine and place pins on the edge of the cabinet. I'm forever finding them on the floor which is sometimes a pain to the feet :-) So, that in combination to wanting to use my scrap batting led me to experiment with the Mason Jar Pin cushion project. I'm sure these instructions are everywhere on the Internet since they are so easy but I just wanted to share my steps. Enjoy!!

1. Gather your supplies. I used scotch tape (or even my favorite double sided tape), scissors, a marker or pen, a scrap piece of card stock at least big enough to trace the lid, I used two squares of scrap batting 6" square and a 5" square piece of fabric.

2. Trace your inside lid onto the batting and cardstock and cut out. I traced 4 circles on the batting, but you can use as many or less as you would like. I like a very stiff pin cushion

3. Start layering your batting onto the lid. From the scraps left when cutting the circles, I cut a few squares to add first to cover the indent of the lid. Then I layered two batting circles, the actual scraps of batting and then another layer of batting circles and scraps. Experiment on how to use your batting scraps.

4. Add your 5" square over the centered batting on the lid and flip it over so that the fabric is on your table with the batting pile next and then your lid is showing upside down. Now, just corner by corner, fold in the fabric sides and secure with doublesided tape, regular tape or glue. Complete the first four corners and then repeat with the next four corners that appear after completing the first. You may need to push the batting in when folding the second set of corners.

6. Pop the covered lid into the lid ring and push until it is securely to the top.

7. Add your cardstock circle to cover the fabric ends. I doublestick taped it to the lid and you are done. Now just place your pincushion lid onto it's original jar. You may need to give it a little push to catch the threads.
8. There you have it, one oh so easy Mason Jar Pincushion!

9. Next thing you know, your making a pincushion out of all your excess mason jars :-) I don't know about you but I'm thinking Christmas gifts :-) Of course there are more areas to decorate on these so I'm thinking some ribbons and sparkly bling to be added!

Mason Jar Pincushion
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