Thursday, April 8, 2010

AccuQuilt Go has arrived

  My new toy, the AccuQuilt Go cutter has arrived.  That was quick!  It's relatively lightweight for what it does but pretty heavy when receiving the delivered package.  I immediately took it out of the box and started to test out the circle die.  Wow, that's fast and easy.  I am using denim for the circles.  I just did a few and then placed it back in the box for this weekend when I have much more time to play!  I did have one issue.  When you feed the die through, you are supposed to feed it on an angle.  I had too much of an angle and the die would not feed through, it hit the side.  So, I have to practice the right angle needed.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations on your new GO! I love mine.

    For feeding, it really just takes a slight angle. Think of how you cut with long scissors, the cuttig part starts at one end and proceeds. Thus the dies are designed to cut and proceed with the cut on a line. Placing the die at an slight angle does the same for the feed in the rollers. Very small angles really make it easier to feed vs a flat placement of the die.

    There are also some great videos on the AccuQuilt website.


  2. Do these do other shapes? Do you have to buy the shapes? Just curious because I don't know much about this...looks intersting.

  3. Oh lucky you! I am full of envy. Make sure you let us all know that this was a great invention. I have seen the cutter and wondered if it was really as good as advertised.

  4. Jealous! I saw this tool at the AQS quilt show a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing how easy it was to cut MANY shapes at once.