Friday, April 2, 2010

Bit the bullet - AccuQuilt Go

I have been toying with purchasing an AccuQuilt Go fabric cutter ever since I dropped my rotary cutter on my foot.  It happened so fast that I was thankful it did not do too much damage. So, I often watch second hand prices for the Go machines.  I'll admit the dies are expensive but once you have them, you are good to go.  I especially wanted the tumbler die!  I found a place that was having a 20% off sale (still on as of this writing).  I am not associated with them in anyway.  I just thought they had great prices.  They are and it's sister site ScrapbookingAlley.  Their prices were about the best I have come across in a while.  So, now I just wait for my machine and dies to get here.  Yeah!!
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