Monday, April 19, 2010

Dritz Petite Press Packs a Punch

I often thought about naming my blog the Gadget Girl.  I love gadgets and new things to try.  When I went iron shopping recently, I picked up a second iron.  I had a coupon and got it half off.  It was the Dritz Petite Press iron.    I like it better than the mini irons out there.  On the mini iron, I touched the metal bar and ouch that smarts.  This kind is covered most of the way.  It's large but small for tiny spaces too.  It has 4 different heating levels.  I was able to use this on my Mock Denim Cathedral Windows quilt when ironing down the batiks with MistyFuse.  It was great getting into the tight spaces.  It has a nice "kickstand" that keeps the iron high off of the table when not in use.  This will definitely be my go to iron for the little things.  Oh, and it has a great long cord.

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