Monday, May 10, 2010

Embroidered Initial Bling Bags

I have been procrastinating on completing two embroidered bags for my great nieces.  They are such adorable girly girls and love all things sparkly.  I did a simple script initial and name design on both of the bags.  Then, I pulled out the old "gem-master" from out of the cabinet and used it for the first time.  OK, now I want to bling everything.  It was soo simple!  I'm sure the little ones will like their new overnight bags, or toy bags.  They are simple denim bags that were pre-purchased.

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  1. I used to take the kids old geans, make them into bags and add the blings to them too!
    I love the embroidery! Wish I'd thought of embroidery and quilting machine when I bought my Janome.
    ps. am still working on finishing my grandmother quilt which I shall ask for the final instructions for your work! thanks again, you have no idea what this will do for my aunt.