Saturday, May 22, 2010

Waiting to Save Time

It's funny how sometimes we will wait for something we ordered to come in.  That something we ordered is supposed to save us time.  For exampled, I ordered a flower die cut to add flowers to my Santorini quilt.  I just didn't want to cut out all that flowers and fusible web.  I waited patiently for it to arrive.  When it recently did, I cut out a sample flower and added it to the quilt.  

Results for all that waiting to save time:  I think it gets lost in the hexagon blocks   It's a little too small I think.  I had planned on cutting out solid color flowers to match the solid blocks.  They are lavender, green, yellow and pink.  If I don't add them to the center of the blocks, maybe I can place them in corners where three hexagons meet.  Decisions, decisions usually make for new UFOs for me.   

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