Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kids Quilt - Fixing Quilt Design spacing.

This was my first quilt top quilted on the Pro-stitcher.  So, I chose this great butterfly design to try and match the butterflies on some of the fabric.   It is Calligraphic Butterflies3 from Quilt recipe.  Being that this is my first non-practice quilt, of course I did not measure the space between the rows correctly.  So, I had a bunch of space between the designs.  To correct, I squeezed in spaces of free formed loops to match (OK, my loops aren't as smooth as the panto) the loops in the butterfly designs.  I am pretty happy with the outcome.  Not sure if you can see the design or not.  It's really tough on camera.  The thread in back of the quilt just sucks into the quilt.  I like that so that you see a subtle design and don't see any boo boos.

I plan on adding a red binding to this once it is trimmed up and adding it to a basket with a butterfly kit and butterfly book for a fund raiser for cancer coming up next week.  I hope it goes over well.
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  1. Great quilt design - the butterflies are really beautiful.