Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Basic Block Frustration

How can one block be so frustrating in the assembly.  I was working on one of my Farmer's Wife blocks for the week and ran into some issues - three times to be exact.  I cut out the templates and fabric and went about assembling the "bat box" block.  Went to measure it after it was assembled and it was so wonky and nowhere near 6" on one of the sides.  Looks like I had two of the triangles on wrong.  Took it apart, switched it around and still ended up wrong.  OK, I'll print out a foundation pattern to sew the pieces down.  When I did that, one of the pieces was still too short to cover the seam allowance.  OK, I give up, back to the drawing board and doing a foundation piece pattern with all new pieces.

Did you ever have one of those blocks... simple but frustrating :-)

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  1. ... but on the plus side Trish your points look pretty much perfect !