Saturday, June 26, 2010

What was I thinking???

Long ago and far away, I'm ashamed to say "years" ago, I purchased a serger from the QVC outlet along with my Janome Memory Craft sewing/embroidery machine which I'm still using.  I was so enamored with the sewing machined that I had purchased that I set the serger box aside.  It kept getting moved and ended up in storage.  Probably 5 feet of boxes piled up over time on the serger box in storage.  I kept saying, I need to get that out and set it up.  Overtime, it got further and further from reach in storage.  Finally, today was the day... I was determined to get to the Janome Box. 

I unpacked the serger and set it up.  Watched the mini video and fed it a piece of fabric.  At first it was not a very strong, tight stitch/weave and I was not overly impressed.  Turned out, when it was threaded it was not placed through the proper feeder at the top.  I got it fixed and wow, what a difference.  What was I thinking not digging deep to pull this out earlier.  I plead temporary insanity because I love my new (old) toy!!.  Look how many strips I did.  I could not stop.  Now, no more french seams on the pillowcases.  Nothing but serging for me on them now!! 

Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. I'm so glad you found time to play! I don't use mine often anymore, but there are some jobs that are just better serged! ;-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh I want one of those sergers so bad! I just always find something else to spend my money on. lol
    I'm making Shannon's BOM too and using black background with Fairy Frost stars. With a dark background I think all colors pop so it doesn't matter if they're the proper color or not. Still pretty!