Sunday, July 25, 2010

Assembly Started - Breast Cancer Quilts

I started the assembly of the first of two Quilt for the Cure quilts I am putting together.  Some of the blocks I received could not be cut to 5" square because they were too small.  I finally came up with cutting those to 4.5" squares and then putting the sponsor block in the center with a border.  The two center rows around the sponsor block are the 4.5 and the outer two rows have the 5" blocks.  I'm shocked that they measured up to match.  I must have paid some attention in my math classes :-)

Now, I have 8 more 5" block rows of 13 blocks each to assemble.  Four more rows above and four below.  I'm thinking of adding a dark pink row above and below these center four rows in the photo.  Maybe I could embroider encouragement words such as Courage, Survivor, etc on the same pink fabric as used in the border of the sponsor block.  Just not sure yet.  I'm hoping to get all the rows/sections completed on this first one today.
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  1. Trish -- What a great cause for a charity quilt. They are very pretty too :) I look forward to seeing the finish! You are almost there with the assembly.