Monday, July 12, 2010

Baker's Dozen Pillowcases - Caught up in one Weekend

I've been trying to think of things to create with my serger.  I just purchased a bunch of serger books that should be here this week to give me some ideas.  Until then, I figured I would work on the pillowcase challenge that I was 13weeks behind on.  

So far, I had already completed 14 pillowcases up until now.  Based on which week we are in, I should have had 27 completed so far since I wanted to complete one per week.  Well, I shocked myself and finished 13 pillowcases with the serger this weekend.  What a breeze and so clean on the serger.  No more french seams for me, the serger finish is for me on the pillowcases now.  

Now, it takes me more time to cut the fabric then to assemble the pillowcases with the serger.  I completed a set of cheater fabric sets, several red white & black red sets and some blue with vertical stripes and dark blue/light blue sets. Here's the pile completed this weekend:

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