Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Special Visitor

We usually have monarchs on our milkweed plants in the back.  However, lately I had been seeing a more yellowish butterfly fluttering around.  The other day I finally walked out with camera to try and get a photo.  Luckily, I got a decent photo.  It is a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (after much searching, I found that one out) and supposedly a female.  

Our milkweed plants are huge.  We had 2 huge plants but lost one this week in a recent downpour.  It was just too top heavy with all the flowers and toppled over since it had nothing to support it.  it pulled the roots and all.  Luckily, after inspecting the broken plant, we did find one chrysalis and brought it in for safekeeping.  We hope it makes it after all that. Here's a photo of the Tiger Swallowtail.  I love the blue on the wings

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