Thursday, July 8, 2010

Treasure Chest

One one of my trips home, I helped get up in the attic and clean things out.  There, way in the back was this chest that my  mom believes was my great great Grandmother's chest she used when moving to the US.  It's a little worn in some areas but what a beauty to have restored.

When it was opened, it was like it had not been opened for 40 years.  It had drapery sheers in it that stunk so bad and seemed to be discolored.  I tried to wash them.  However, when removing the items, out popped this little hidden gem.  It was a hand sewn table runner.  Everything made it out of the cycles OK except the outer binding.  It frayed off in some areas.  I'm thinking maybe I can cut it down on the outside rim and add back the outer binding.  I think that resewing on a new binding is really my only option.  I'm excited to find this surprise but disappointed I did not find it before it went through the washer and dryer. 

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  1. What a treasure, both the trunk and the runner! It is possible that the runner was put away in the trunk because of the edges starting to fray so I wouldn't feel badly about it. I'd probably do as you thought and trim it away then re-apply a new one matching it as closely as possible. Good luck!