Sunday, August 8, 2010

Both Quilt Top Centers Completed

Two very different outcomes, same layout

When I received the packets of blocks for the Breast Cancer Warrior quilts this year, I noticed a major difference in coloring in each of them.  One packet of 150 blocks was more whites, and multi-colored blocks and the other had all different hues of pinks.  Here are the two quilt tops that came out of the packages.  They are both actually the same size.  They both have the two row center around the sponsor block that are 4.5 inch blocks instead of the full 5 inch blocks everywhere else.  It needed to be completed this way since some blocks were made smaller.  These two row center blocks aren't that noticeable on the whiter quilt but they are on the pink hue quilt.  I'm not too fond of it on the pink hue quilt.  I actually had to take some blocks apart and re-add the fuchsia blocks to make the outer border even.  Now the border looks 5" all around.  It just desperately needs ironed.


I think the quilt with the fuchsia pink border around almost looks complete.  I don't think it needs another border.  What do you think?  However, if I add one to the multicolor, it will be larger.  That's OK though.  So, I'll need to come up with a border for that one.  I thought about using the same pink fabric as what surrounds the sponsor block in the center.  May not be dark enough though.    I hope they like them :-)

Breast Cancer Warrior Quilt top 1 - Click for larger view

Desperately Needs Ironed - Breast Cancer Warrior Quilt Top 2 - Click for larger view
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