Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nature Weekend

We had so many visitors in the yard yesterday.  Some of which we didn't get photos of.  We saw groundhogs, deer (at night), cats (that didn't belong to us), bunnies.... etc.. whew, I'm exhausted.  It was relaxing just sitting back talking about so many variables going on right now.  I'm busy setting up the second breast cancer quilt but slowly moving into sewing it together.  Here's many of the items we saw.

We picked up a chrysalis from a broken limb and brought it in.  We turned our back and it was showing the clear window to the butterfly.  It's so neat to see.  We walked out of the room and came back a few minutes later and whala... beautiful monarch.

Not sure what kind of butterfly this next one is.  It sorta looks like a painted lady??

This bee has been so busy gathering pollen (I think that's what that yellow is).  His legs are so full of the yellow that I swear he had a hard time flying with all the extra weight.

And finally, close but yet so far...  The dogs were fascinated by the rabbits in the yard.  If they could only get over the fence!  Yes, that's one of those collapsible baby gates.  It works great for the dogs.  Plus, it comes down so easily when it's time to cut the grass.  But, who has grass anymore in our areas.  Look at that terrible patchy dead area in the background.

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