Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Fun Evening at the Auction - 3 Bargains

Close to us is a drive in that also hosts auctions on Friday nights.  We recently started going to the auction.  What a fun thing to do.  If you don't buy anything, you can always people watch.  But, the last two times we came home, I could kick myself for not bidding on something that went so low.  Anyhow, this last adventure we ended up spending a whole $19.  

Cups and Saucers

We mainly went because there was a lot of what looked to be fancy cups and saucers.  I thought, these would be beautiful to use as cups for my bird feeders.  I've been stockpiling them in anticipation of making the bird feeders to sell and raise money for Cancer research.  That's another story someday.  So, I thought they would be selling the 18 cups as a lot.  Ended up that they sold them in pairs.  Darn.  They went for anywhere between $5-$10 a pair.  Which I initially thought was pretty expensive compared to what I had previously been spending on cups/saucer sets.   I ended up getting two sets.  I left thinking I got caught up in the biding excitement and paid too much.  I noticed an auctioneer even bidding on them so I thought I would look them up when I got home.  Turns out, each cup alone is listed on the Internet as close to $30 each.  Not sure anyone would pay that but they were antiques.  Well, I can't use these now.  I'll just put them in the mini china cupboard I have.  How exciting.

That Ugly Purse

There was also about 6 bags on the stage that I thought they would sell as a lot.  There was a lot of people looking at them.  Hubby went up to look and motioned to me, one of them was a designer purse.  They ended up selling them separately and the designer purse normally sells for $160+ went for $18.  I ended up bidding on one that was a pretty teal color.  When I got it, I threw it in the box on top of those cups I had previously won.  Hubby said, "that's an ugly purse"  I didn't examine it prior to my bidding (bad habit of mine) and I ended up winning it for $6.  Turned out it was a brand new Tignanello leather purse from QVC which they sold for about $100.  Cha-Ching. 

A new Craft may be Born

While I waited in the auditorium, hubby ventured out to see the box lots and different rooms.  He came back in and dumped a big box by my feet.  He seemed disappointed.  I peeked in and saw what I thought was small used rolls of embroidery thread.  He said he thought it was sewing thread.  He arrived just when they were auctioning it and thought the lady said thread so he bid sight unseen.  Ended up paying full $2.  He said just throw it away.  When we got home and had a chance to examine.  Here it was a box full of Pretty Punch Threads and needles and designs.  So, I have all the tools and supplies necessary to try my hand at thread punching.  Plus there was a pair of scissor snips in there.  I told him, he got the deal of the night.  He beamed.  I said even the scissors were worth more than the $2

Just goes to show you that Forrest Gump was a smart man.  "Forrest Gump: My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
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