Thursday, October 7, 2010

Curves Ahead

Well, I found some time to try out the new curve master foot and I didn't do too bad.  The main issue that I had was trying to figure out where the fabric edges were supposed to go.  If I place the edges in the center lip, then there is a ton of foot off to the right.  I can't understand why it's so wide if you only use to the center part?  One of the many sewing mysteries :-)

After reviewing the videos on the web, I remembered to keep the top fabric separated and up high when sewing.  It worked pretty well.  I think I had an issue with the AccuQuilt fabric cutting.  I just threw some scrap fabric on the form and I think the white fabric was thinner in some placed when folded.  They came out different sizes.   I know there is some talk of this issue but I'm hoping it was my mistake because they were pretty off. 

The other issue I had was that I tried to piece using the curve master foot.  Do not try this at home.  What a mess.  I was not able to sew a straight line at all.  Thus, all my mismatched corners and seams.  That's a big lesson learned for me.  I'm still encouraged by the results so, I'll try more in the future.

Lancaster Trip

Yesterday, we took a trip to Lancaster.  I'm about 40 minutes away. Since we are both on vacation for this week and next, a day trip was planned for Shady Maple buffet and QVC outlet shopping.   Can you believe that I was in Lancaster and did not buy a stitch of fabric?  What's up with that?  Well, it was a very very very rainy day.  I was too lazy to walk in the rain so we skipped the quilt shops.  Yep, save them for another day.  However, we did get some great scenery photos.  Here's a favorite from a distance.

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  1. Shady maple, yum!!!! My kids love that they get to have chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast....oh and all they can eat!! And I love that I don't have to feed them the rest of the day :)