Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seam Allowance Challenged

I was meticulous on building my foundation pieces for the smaller star blocks.  I figured 4.25" with 3 across would give me12.75" of a pillow cover.  When I finished my first foundation block, I was happy with the results.  It was not without it's challenges but I fixed them as they occurred and moved forward.  Finally, success, a completed block trimmed down to 4.25".  I moved on to the second foundation block, same process, same trimming and same 4.25" block results.  Then, the "duh moment" occurred.  You know, it the evil twin of the "aha moment".  I had cut off the seam allowances.  Ugh. 

I had to go back to EQ7 and make the blocks 12.75 because then I'd have my quarter inch seam allowances to give me the final 12.75 size.  On the positive side, my tiny blocks just got a little bigger.  I was only able to finish 1 correctly sized block yesterday.  Today, I hope to finish the other 3 needed for one pillow.
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