Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tiny Templates

I've never been one for small quilt blocks.  Don't know what it is.  I cringe when I think of cuttings something on a smaller scale.  That's why I've missed a couple of farmer's wife postings when trying to complete a 6" block.  Well, now, I'm trying to complete a 4.25" block.  I promised I would make some photo pillows for a friend.  They wanted stars on the pillow as well.  When you are making a 12.75 inch pillowcase (I like some extra room in mine) and they want 5 photos on it, you end up with 4.25 inch blocks.  The only way I could do this is to add it to my Electric Quilt 7 and then print out foundation pieces.  I tried the templates and rotary cutting prints but way too small for me.

Here's the templates printed out and then the layout of the photo pillow I hope to complete and finally the fabrics that I intend to use.  I still need to cut small pieces to try and foundation piece them.  Let the fun begin!!

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