Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Measurements Smeasurements...Gotta Love that Seam Ripper

I was all happy with the completion of the pillowcases for my DH's friend.  I emailed them and advised they were ready and that they were 12" squared.  I mentioned they looked a little smaller and was advised they were, the last set of pillows I made them were 16" pillows.  OMG...I did not want to paper piece the stars again.  Ugh...  

Light-bulb, OK, what about a 2" border around the pillow.  I know I'll need to create new back pieces since those would look strange with a 2" border.  Rip Rip Rip, Sew Sew Sew... hey, not to bad.  Now all I have left is to dismantle the second one, add the border and create the backings.  I wish I had my Clover Fabric Folding Pen I just ordered.  It should be here tomorrow.  I'll just have to wait until then to complete the new backs.  I'm hoping the pen will help me with the edge of the flaps that I turn 1/4" twice to get a nice finish.  Well, off to rip some more.

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