Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trish's Tools - Clover Fabric Folding Pen

I just received my Clover fabric folding pen that I ordered and it is definitely up there on my favorites list.  I'm just curious about the ingredients in the marking liquid.  Of course, I couldn't wait for it to come in and use it on the pillow redo's.  I was impatient and completed them without it.  So, when it came in yesterday, I immediately tested it out.  I've always been thinking, there has to be a better way to create a 1/4" seam fold.  Mine were always a little wavy when I got done.  Not anymore.  Here's one of my many tests, I think I folded every little scrap fabric I had sitting around in amazement.

The package advises that it is not suitable for impermeable fabrics such as polyester and not for use on spot sensitive fabrics.  I've researched on the internet and did not find much info about it.  Several places do reference that the marking solution does something like weaken the stiff threads to allow for folding.  It does concern me but I'm not making anything that is going to be judged or become heirloom.  I would say, try it out for yourself.  The marking solution bottle is pretty small, however, all you use is 4-5 drops and the rest is water.
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  1. Hi: I just bought this pen, and wondered what the magic ingredient is. From the description, Iel'm wondering if it's something called "ox gall." Ox gall is a clear liquid that you add by the drop to improve the flow of water-soluble paint for artwork. It all but eliminates surface tension, which would improve the penetration of the water into the fabric. Just a guess, but thought I'd let you know!