Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy Elf with One Christmas Wish

I've been busy shopping, partying and sewing.  I love Christmas time.  I finished up the quilt and my friend is coming tomorrow to pick it up.  I hope she likes it.  There are a lot of colors in the quilt but they were favorite clothing worn by her mom.  Here's a few photos.  I chose a pretty blue for the backing.  It was a difficult choice but I like it as a change from the multicolor.  I completed the quilting with a stitch in the ditch quilting and a darker blue binding.

One Christmas Wish

You know, I always say that hubby and I are a "little different".  We are probably the only married couple that do not buy Christmas gifts for each other.  I hate to put him through the stress of finding me the "perfect" gift.  We just celebrate giving gifts with friends and family.  That's enough stress shopping for everyone else.  Besides, we are blessed to buy things all other times of the year. 

However this Christmas I have another selfish wish.  Last year I wished for a smooth couple of months of treatment for hubby and Santa granted it.  This year, I would love to have a his final PET scan come back clean and clear.  He has an apt the week after Christmas.  I want the "scar tissue" they saw on the last one to be unchanged in size or totally gone.  Once this one is done, we can move into one hell of a celebration welcoming 2011 and leaving this year of health and work issues behind us.  I hope you get all your wishes as well.
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