Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trish's Tools - Thimbleberries Thread

On black Friday of this year, I was glued to the computer on the hunt for the great bargains.  It was the start of the holiday season for me and so many things to get done until Christmas.  I really didn't get as many things I did in the past.  Seemed like a lot of TVs were on sale and luckily we are not in the market for that big ticket item.

However, I did venture over to Joann's and scooped up some half price Thimbleberries Cotton Thread collections.  I think threads have become somewhat of an eye catcher for me.  There were only 3 available and I picked up one in each collection.  Now, after looking online again, I see there are many more available.  I think 3 are enough for me.... for now.    Now, if I can only bring myself to break them up and separate the colors to be used individually...
Do you have a favorite thread collection?  It would be great if the local Joann's carried these and then I could use my 50% off coupons there on site and avoid the online shipping charge which defeats the bargain.  Hope all are warm and cozy on the east coast.  No snow here just windy windy windy.

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  1. Fun - what a great find for 50% off!! Happy quilting with your new thread.